Course Leader Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering University of Limerick

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Course Information:
Process engineering is the central area of expertise underpinning many important, sustainable industries and businesses within both the Irish and global economies. Such enterprises include: biopharmaceuticals, fuels, chemicals, and drug manufacture, energy production, food and beverage processing, environmental waste remediation, and electronic component manufacture. In all of these areas of endeavour, the chemical/biochemical engineer is of key importance both in the innovative design and operation of the processing systems, and in the development and manufacture of novel products of practical use and value to society.

The Irish pharmaceutical, chemical and biochemical industries have been primarily responsible for the recent consistent increases in the national export performance, proving these sectors to be stable and resilient, even in harsh economic conditions.

In introducing this new programme, the only course of its kind in the Mid-West and Western regions of the country, University of Limerick utilises over 25 years of teaching and research experience in chemical/biochemical process engineering. This programme builds on the success of our well-established and professionally-accredited Graduate Diploma in Chemical Engineering programme. The University of Limerick will seek similar, full professional accreditation for the new B.E. (Hons.) Chemical & Biochemical Engineering from professional bodies including the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), thus ensuring international professional recognition for holders of this qualification.

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