Electricians Pass the Electrical Licensing Exam and Pull Your Own Permits

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Electricians pass the electrical exam now and energize your career!

Electrical exam seminars by Omniplex achieves a 95% first time passing rate and guarantees repeat attendance until you pass the exam!

Whether you desire to pass the master electrician, electrical contractor, or journeyman electrician’s exam, we can prepare you to pass any city or state electrical exam nationwide!

Advance testing determines your preparation needs, and style of learning. Next, using state of the art, private video conferencing, each client receives 1 on 1 attention from a live instructor who guides you at your own pace through a careful review of the exam topics.

Daytime and evening private, video conference sessions can be attended from the comfort of your home, office or at our Learning Centers Nationwide!

Register now by calling 1-888-919-3926 & ask for Greg Wilson in Registrations, or visit www.electricalexamseminars.com!




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