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You can see here our gold mines in West Africa. We have great african experience! I to operate a many types of gold mining equipments (Goldfieldeng, Armadillo, Detach and many others) in Africa and I open up possibilities design by myself and to begin manufacture a new pilot model of washplants for gold mining companies. We are russian industrial producer of screening washplant for alluvial gold mining companies (capacity from 50 cub. me. per hour and more). Our price for equipments is very negotiable. Our equipments is new designed and very comfortable for working (power efficient, light and mobile, easy for start and max. adjustability).
EXPLORER SP50 (Screening Plant) basic characteristics:
Capacity (loose) — 50 cub. meters per hour,
Length (assembly) — 15,5 meters
Feed Height (assembly on “sledge”) — 4,5 meters
Width (assembly) — 2,31 meters
Weight (assembly) — 10,5 tn
Water (6″*6″ in. pump) — 280 litres per minute
Summary Sluice Recovery Area – nearly 18 sq. m.
Power inputs (380V*3 phases)– up to 33 kVA
Charging — Loader / Excavator
Type screen and perforation size — metallic or polyurethane, 30/10 mm
Disassembled parts package — 1*40 foot shipping container + 1*20 foot shipping container
Price complete set — 235.000=USD (two hundred thirty five thousands dollars USA)
Packaging arrangement : Washplant “Explorer SP50”, Generator “Caterpillar” 33 kVA or similar,
Pump 6″*6″ in.”Gorman Rupp” or “Varisco”, Spare parts and accessories.
Delivery cost non include.
Our factory… be found in Russia, Samara. My FCO are waiting you request…
Aleks (russian, french, english).

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