What is an LLC Limited Liability Company &; How to start, register, and open an LLC entity type

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In this tutorial Richard Veltre who has more than 20 years of experience helping small and mid-size businesses with accounting, explains what is an LLC limited liability company, and how to open an LLC limited liability company.

To register and open an LLC, you should go to the Secretary of State office for your state. You can register and open an LLC company right on the Secretary of State office website.

An LLC limited liability company can be a single member LLC, or a multi member LLC. This entity type is good if you plan to have partners for your business. Additionally, an LLC limited liability company business entity helps you to avoid double taxation.

An LLC is a new type of business entity. It has only been around for 20 years. When you open an LLC, you are registering an entity for limited liability protection, but you are not registering a full blown entity. For tax purposes, an LLC is treated as a partnership. And an LLC is treated as a corporation for liability protection.

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